Tell Vitter: Sexual Assault Victims Deserve Their Day In Court

Jamie Leigh Jones was allegedly drugged and raped by several of her fellow co-workers while working for a defense contractor in Iraq. But instead of getting her day in court, Halliburton is using a loophole in her employment contract to force this matter through a binding arbitration process ? a process run by arbitrators handpicked by her employer.

This is just wrong, as the American taxpayer should not be funding companies that seek to sweep sexual assault under the rug. Thankfully, an amendment recently passed the Senate that would end this practice ? but David Vitter voted "No."

This is unacceptable ? sign the petition below and make it clear that you want David Vitter to stand up for victims of sexual assault!

Petition Text

I am outraged that Senator Vitter voted against the Franken Amendment to the Defense Authorization bill. This amendment will allow employees of defense contractors who are victims of sexual assault to have their day in court, rather than being forced through an often biased binding arbitration process.

I strongly urge Senator Vitter to reverse his stance and stand up for victims of sexual assault.

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